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If ever you find yourself in a legal case in Fairfax County involving traffic – whether a criminal case such as DWI, DUI, or reckless driving, or just a simple traffic ticket for speeding, failure to yield, running a red light, or failing to maintain proper control – when you arrive in court, you’ll be very glad you retained the services of Richard O. Bolger, Esq., the top traffic ticket lawyer in Fairfax County.

A practicing attorney under the Bolger Law Firm name since 1987, Mr. Bolger has earned a long-term reputation as a preeminent traffic lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia. By way of demonstrating his bona fides as a traffic lawyer VA clients can trust, we enter into evidence the fact that Virginia Business magazine has ranked Mr. Bolger among the Virginia Legal Elite every year since 2011, a curated annual list of the most respected Virginia lawyers in a variety of practice areas, as voted by their peers in the profession. As of 2019, Richard Bolger and Bolger Law have earned the publication’s prestigious recognition in at least one category for nine years running.

Traffic Violation? DUI Defense? Don’t Mess Around.

Just like you need to be a good defensive driver on the roads of Fairfax – it pays to have the best defense attorney on your side in the courts of Fairfax, too. That’s true when defending yourself against a traffic ticket in Fairfax County, and it’s also the case for more serious traffic-related legal matters.

In a case of criminal defense from a DUI or reckless driving charge, The Bolger Law Firm believes that defenses against such cases are only as strong as the Virginia traffic lawyers defending clients in them.

As VA traffic lawyers based in Fairfax County, we attack every case with an aggressive mindset that’s creative and skillful in legal strategy, but also compassionate about our clients and their ordeal. Being charged with a serious violation of criminal or traffic laws is a traumatic experience for any driver. Bolger Law of Fairfax promises every client that we’ll work hard to get the best results possible, and provide security and hope in the aftermath of life-altering situations.

Bolger Law: Your Compassionate, Aggressive Fairfax Traffic Lawyer

In Fairfax and around Virginia, a good traffic ticket attorney is an incredibly important professional to retain. The outcome of a court case is always unpredictable, and never more so than when clients attempt to represent themselves.

The smart legal strategy is to lawyer up with the best traffic ticket attorney in Fairfax. With more than 30 years of court experience as a successful Fairfax traffic lawyer, the call to make is to Bolger Law.

Going To Traffic Court? Don’t Just Find A Lawyer. Hire The Top Virginia Traffic Attorney

Speeding ticket? Reckless driving charge? Excessive traffic tickets? DUI? Some other practice area you need expert traffic ticket attorneys for? For court cases involving reckless driving, traffic tickets, and all related practice areas, the first step is to get a free consultation from Bolger Law, your traffic ticket lawyers in Fairfax County.

Traffic defense cases are no laughing matter for the clients involved. Protect your driving record – don’t leave anything to chance in court. Go with the traffic lawyers in VA other traffic attorneys in Virginia consistently rank among the top traffic lawyers Virginia has.

Benefit From A Free Consultation With Your Fairfax County Traffic Ticket Attorney

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Attorney Richard O. Bolger, is a member of the Virginia Bar Association as well as the bar association in both Maryland and the District of Columbia. Bolger Law welcomes clients from Fairfax County, Arlington County, Prince William County, Loudoun County, and throughout Northern Virginia.

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