Top Lawyers in Northern VA for Criminal Defense

If you need to defend a criminal case, you can have a better time doing it by consulting top lawyers in Northern VA. An initial consultation will help you understand your legal case. Your lawyer will also inform you on the possible defenses as well as the strategies you can do to prevent conviction.

If you or your loved one is facing a serious criminal case, you must choose among the top lawyers in Northern VA to represent you in court, instead of relying on the services of a public defender.

What Is the Role of a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

A criminal defense lawyer primarily represents people who are facing criminal raps. It is ideal to entrust your case to a respected and experienced criminal defense lawyer because they specialize in this area. Hence, the lawyer can better guide you with your options.

What Kind of Defense Lawyer Do You Need?

It is now crucial to find out if you need a state lawyer or a federal lawyer. If you are facing criminal charges because of violating the state law, be sure to find a defense lawyer who specializes in this area. This includes neighbor disputes, breach of contracts, traffic cases, DUI/DWI, and real property. Meanwhile, violation of the US Constitution such as bankruptcy issues, copyright cases, and patent issues will need a federal lawyer.

The primary distinction between violating federal and state laws is that once you violate federal law, the United States Attorney’s Office will prosecute you. Take note that the lawyers from this office are experienced and armed with substantial resources to push for conviction. Therefore, you will have a lower chance to win. As such, you need to get the services of a respected and experienced defense lawyer to defend your case.

Many top lawyers in Northern VA are specialists. They don’t accept random criminal cases. Instead, they specialize in a particular area of defense. Some of them specialize in defending drug cases, juvenile delinquencies, and even violent crimes.

Public Defenders vs. Private Lawyers

Public defenders are commissioned by the US government to defend a person who doesn’t have the financial capacity to hire private counsel. If you have the financial resources, hiring a private lawyer is the better option. Most public defenders may not have enough time and resources to defend a criminal case. Hence, there is the risk that you will end up convicted.

Also, many public defenders may not focus on your case, because there are instances that they need to handle cases beyond their capacity. Public defenders are highly qualified professionals and their passion in public service is unquestionable. But the sheer number of cases they need to handle may put your case in jeopardy. Top lawyers in Northern VA are often from private practice.

Hiring top lawyers in Northern VA to defend your criminal case is a very important decision. Be sure to do your research first before getting the services of a lawyer to help you with your legal situation. Find a lawyer who will tell you the truth about the likely result of your case, and choose one whom you are comfortable working with.

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