Reckless Driving Lawyer – Why You Need One

It is important that you immediately get in touch with a good reckless driving lawyer Fairfax VA as soon as you are charged with the offense. This is because reckless driving in Virginia is considered a criminal offense. While a conviction will be a fixture in your DMV record for 11 years, it will leave a permanent mark on your adult criminal record that can never be expunged.

No Deals

If you are a defendant in a reckless driving case in Fairfax County, you will not be allowed to face a prosecutor without a lawyer to represent you. Unless a traffic attorney is assigned, no prosecutor will be assigned to a reckless driving case as well. In the Fairfax County Traffic Court, police officers are not authorized to negotiate a deal.

Take Advantage of Free Consultation Offers from Reckless Driving Attorneys

A seasoned reckless driving lawyer Fairfax VA handles similar cases by the hundreds on a yearly basis, and provides free consultation. He is in a very good position to predict the possible outcome of your case. Use the free consultation offer so you can have an idea on what exactly you are up against.

No Court Appointed Lawyer or Public Defender

A sure sign that the prosecution is trying to put you behind bars is when the judge asks you if you need time to find a lawyer or if he offers to provide an attorney for you. When this happens, your case will most likely result in a conviction with a jail term. It is never a good idea to represent yourself in these situations, and having a reckless driving lawyer Fairfax VA by your side is your only hope.

Unpredictable Reckless Driving Cases

At least 12 judges preside regularly in the Fairfax Country Traffic Court, aside from a number of substitute judges that may, from time to time, be tasked to preside in Fairfax. As expected, there are as many opinions as to what the appropriate punishment for a particular reckless driving case may be. Simply put, each judge may have his own opinion on the matter. While one judge may simply impose a fine, another may order a prison term along with suspension of the driver’s license.

In addition, even a small factor like a speed variance of 1 or 2 miles/hour can spell a world of difference in a case involving reckless driving by speed. For instance, one driver caught over-speeding at 83 mph in a 50 mph zone may be charged with a hefty fine and a 3-month license suspension, while another driver who goes 81 mph in the same 50 mph zone may only get a fine. Other factors that may cause punishments to vary wildly include weather conditions, point balance differences, police officers’ attitudes, driving records, and many others.

No Special Driving School Programs for First-Time Offenders

While there are jurisdictions that offer special programs for first time and minor reckless driving offenders, especially for those with excellent records, no such programs currently exist in Fairfax County. A case will never be dismissed on account of a good driving record. The judge will not recommend sending you to a driving school, and you cannot expect PBL or probation before judgment. Thus, it is always to your advantage to have a reckless driving lawyer Fairfax VA representing you; and you can rely on Bolger Law for that.