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More than 33 years have passed since 1987 when personal injury lawyer Richard Bolger began advocating for injured clients in civil cases before judges, juries and arbitration boards in Fairfax County courts, presenting successful arguments for the fair compensation which would provide a just monetary restitution for Mr. Bolger’s wrongfully injured clients and their families. Yes, more than 33 years have passed since The Bolger Law Firm was founded as a preeminent personal injury advocacy firm in Fairfax, Virginia – but we’re still hard at work, our attorneys representing clients injured in an accident or by medical malpractice and fighting for the best possible outcome.

There are major benefits to more than three decades of experience as a practicing personal injury and accident attorney in VA. Clients of The Bolger Law Firm can have trust and confidence in those from whom they’re receiving legal counsel. To wit, when you call Bolger Law at 703-383-9595 to request your FREE review and case evaluation to analyze the circumstances surrounding your injuries and the potential of making a successful claim of compensation, you will speak directly with an experienced Bolger Law personal injury attorney, not a paralegal or office assistant. Being trustworthy and confident have been hallmarks of our Fairfax personal injury law firm since 1987, and they still are.

Personal Injury Lawyers VA Trusts To Pursue the Compensation You Deserve

When a Fairfax VA family endures a debilitating serious injury or sudden wrongful death to a family member, there’s no way to completely right the wrong. Whether the personal injury case or wrongful death is due to car accidents, dog bites, criminal act, unsafe premises or other dangerous circumstances, the family’s life is suddenly and dramatically altered. The terrible results of a catastrophic personal injury due to contributory negligence or carelessness extend far beyond the ordeals of pain and suffering, lost wages and other financial support, mountains of medical bills, plus other unexpected costs and debt.

Bolger Law of Fairfax understands how critical every outcome is to every victim in each of our personal injury cases. We make use of our extensive experience as Virginia personal injury attorneys to provide compassionate representation to individuals affected by:

  • Brain trauma and head trauma
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Temporary or permanent paralysis
  • Burns
  • Amputations
  • Flesh wounds
  • Dog bite, animal attack, and subsequent trauma
  • Injury or harm caused by a commercial product
  • Work-related injuries
  • Construction zone injuries
  • Property owners’ negligence
  • Slip-and-fall incidents
  • Wrongful death

A negligent or wantonly reckless individual or party may be liable for such accidents and injuries. If you suffer injury in an accident and believe there’s a case to be made for negligence or recklessness, you may be eligible (under Virginia personal injury law) to seek compensation for damages incurred. Let’s determine whether and how to proceed. Call The Bolger Law Firm, the experienced Fairfax personal injury lawyers, at 703-383-9595.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Who Know The Process

Of the many practice areas The Bolger Law Firm handles, personal injury cases tend to have the greatest variability. There are several reasons for this tendency. One is that a case of personal injury could result from a wide variety of scenarios. Motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accident, workplace injuries, medical malpractice, inadequate safety measures, faulty commercial products, physical assault, and other sources of neglect could cause harmful personal injury and justify litigating a liability case. No two types of litigatory action are alike. But another reason is that cases of personal injuries affect clients’ entire lives – loss of earning capacity, property damage, ongoing medical bills, endless insurance claims, and a drastic reduction in quality of life.

As a Fairfax personal injury attorney whose foremost mission is ensuring his clients gain a realistic understanding of their cases’ potential outcomes, Richard Bolger believes people should understand a few essential basics of civil liability law. Being knowledgeable about the burdens of proof in bringing a personal injury case can make a more productive attorney-client relationship during the lawsuit. Therefore, it’s good advice for clients of any personal injury lawyer to know that:

Plaintiffs seeking damages typically need to show proof that the defending parties behaved negligently. Being at fault by reason of negligence is defined as “…failure to use reasonable care to avoid harm to another person or to do that which a reasonable person might do in similar circumstances.”

These are the circumstances that must be shown and proven in court by the plaintiff:

  • The defendant — perhaps an employer, a healthcare provider, a caretaker or owner of dangerous premises, or a motor vehicle driver — was negligent in the “duty of care.”
  • The defendant breached the duty of care by willingly or mistakenly foregoing safety or responsibility.
  • Injuries must have occurred.
  • These injuries must have a direct relationship to the neglectful actions of the defendant.

Presenting arguments to juries or insurance companies that result in demonstrable proofs of all these legal elements requires careful attention, a calm approach and a broad range of knowledge that comes from experience. That’s the distinct advantage you gain when working with Bolger Law of Fairfax as your personal injury lawyers in Virginia.

Personal Injury? Don’t Delay Justice. Call The Bolger Team Today – Experienced Injury Lawyers Virginia Trusts

It can happen to you or anyone you know – and if ever it does, you need to talk with one of the premier personal injury lawyers in VA: The Bolger Law Firm. If you, a loved one, family member or friend have suffered the ramifications of personal injury or wrongful death cases – from burns and broken bones to paralysis and head trauma – due to unsafe work conditions, inadequate security, premises liability cases, slip-and-fall injuries, faulty products, medical malpractice by a doctor, nurse, or dentist, or any sort of negligent behavior, The Bolger Law Firm of Northern Virginia is here to help, working on your behalf to protect your rights and fight for the maximum settlement.

Richard Bolger is an esteemed, respected and highly reviewed Fairfax personal injury lawyer licensed to practice law in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. No law firm can make promises or guarantees to injury victims about the outcome of any case, and that any mentions of recovery compensation on this website ( are solely and entirely for information purposes. Every case of personal injury or wrongful death presents a unique set of circumstances, issues, and limitations, and therefore we make sure to handle them as separate matters with indeterminate outcomes.

Questions? Your first step toward legal satisfaction is to reach our Fairfax VA law offices by phone at 703-383-9595 or contact Bolger Law online and schedule a free consultation.

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