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Injured and Thinking Personal Injury Claim? Mr. Richard Bolger Will Work Hard to Earn the Best Possible Results

There’s very little as life-changing as a catastrophic injury that takes away your livelihood, your ability to earn a living, and your dignity. But you can win them all back when you take your personal injury case to Mr. Richard Bolger of the Bolger Law Firm in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Mr. Bolger is a vastly experienced attorney licensed in DC, Maryland, and Virginia and practicing a variety of complex fields of law, including and especially Personal Injury. He takes a compassionate role in his representation of each client, recognizing the pain and suffering they’re going through as a result of their (often severe) injuries while utilizing his accumulated resources and knowledge to secure the absolute best possible outcome.

If you’ve been in a car accident or are the victim of medical malpractice and you need reasonable compensation for the pain and anguish due to the injuries thus caused, you’ll be glad you have one of the top personal injury attorneys in Northern Virginia on your side when dealing with the insurance companies’ lawyers.

It’s No Accident: We Fight for Fairness In Personal Injury Cases

The Bolger Law Firm Works for the Most Fair Compensation for the Injured Party

Accidents happen. You get sideswiped or rear-ended, you are injured at work on the job, you’re injured in a work zone, you’re injured by a faulty commercial product, you suffer from a dog bite, you slip and fall. But when an accident does occur, it usually happens as a result of contributory negligence on the part of some party.

Fortunately there exists a civil justice system in which personal injuries and property damage can be atoned by dint of a personal injury claim.

Over his decades-spanning career, Mr. Richard Bolger of the Bolger Law Firm in Fairfax, Virginia, has earned a sterling reputation among colleague attorneys in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC as an aggressive, resourceful, diligent, compassionate Personal Injury attorney.

So, to give yourself the best chance at fair compensation if ever you do suffer personal injury in an accident caused by another party’s negligence, don’t try to fight the insurance companies alone.

Call the Bolger Law Firm at 703-383-9595 for a free initial consultation to discuss your accident-related injuries; obtain relevant documents such as medical records, medical bills, and witness statements; and analyze your case’s realistic chances for winning compensation.

No matter the circumstances of the accident or of your personal injury therefrom, Mr. Bolger and our staff will go to bat for you in a civil courtroom in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington DC.

The Personal Injury Attorney for All of Northern Virginia

Mr. Bolger Takes Clients from Fairfax County, Arlington County, Loudoun County, Prince William County, Falls Church, Alexandria, and All Across NoVA

Richard Bolger is licensed, bar-admitted, and well-versed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia. He focuses on taking cases for clients in Fairfax County VA – his office being Fairfax-based – including the following localities: Chantilly, Vienna, Falls Church, Burke, Springfield, Annandale, Centreville, Reston, Herndon, Oakton, and Great Falls, Virginia.

A 30+-Year Lifelong Career of Taking On Personal Injury Clients

Mr. Bolger Counts Among the Most Experienced Northern Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers

Ever since 1987, soon after graduating from the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University in Fairfax VA, Mr. Bolger has been a practicing attorney helping a wide range of clients obtain the best possible outcomes from their Personal Injuries case proceedings in a court of law.

He puts tremendous value on the attorney/client relationship and the need for confidential or sensitive information to be keep that way. He understands that the injured party in a personal injury lawsuit isn’t doing it for fun and is enduring pain and suffering – which is precisely what we want the responsible party who committed the contributory negligence (or, quite often, attorneys for their insurance company) to be held accountable for.

Mr. Bolger is one of the highest rated personal injury lawyers in Northern Virginia because he not only knows the legal process intimately, he exhibits a sincere compassion for the plight of his clients who are usually dealing with doctors, medical bills and other medical expenses, lawyers, lost wages – not to mention often a great deal of pain and suffering from their injuries, sometimes catastrophic injuries, caused by an accident due to demonstrable negligence.

Compassion is what’s called for, and that’s precisely what Mr. Bolger provides his clients – be they individuals, families, business or property owners – from the outset of that very first free consultation onward. Compassion, and a dogged determination to win the most fair compensation from the party committing the negligence.

Bolger Law Helps Injured People Recoup Losses Suffered

Attorneys for Personal Injury Cases and Much More Legal Practice

From Falls Church to Fauquier County and Ashburn to Arlington County, the Bolger Law Firm is known throughout Northern Virginia as the injury attorneys to turn to when personal injury claims are warranted.

But Mr. Bolger is much more than one of the premier personal injury attorneys in Northern Virginia. He’s also experienced in medical malpractice, wrongful death cases, real estate transactions, and bankruptcy (Chapter 7 and Chapter 13).

A Brief Note About Making a Wrongful Death Claim

Wrongful Death Claims Have Much in Common With Personal Injury Claims

Although they are two separate fields of civil law, litigation around Wrongful Death claims has a lot in common with a Personal Injury claim. To wit, in both Wrongful Death and Personal Injuries, compensation is generally awarded if accident-causing contributory negligence on the part of a responsible party can be proven to an arbitrator or jury, and that this negligence directly resulted in the accident which caused the injuries or death.

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Take your Personal Injury claims to the top Northern Virginia Personal Injury lawyer when you hire Mr. Richard Bolger of the Bolger Law Firm. Do not go to court prosecuting a personal injury lawsuit against insurance companies’ intimidating attorneys without one of the most acclaimed and experienced personal injury lawyers in Northern Virginia right there by your side.

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