Do You Need a Fairfax VA Traffic Court Lawyer?

If you are facing a traffic case, you need a Fairfax VA Traffic Court Lawyer by your side. Traffic cases including Driving under the Influence (DUI) and Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) are now serious crimes not only in Virginia but in every state.

However, traffic laws don’t require that you are intoxicated or drunk to be found guilty. Instead, the court will evaluate your ability to drive a car by figuring out if you have been impaired during that specific time if the level of alcohol in your blood exceeds the limit (now 0.08% in all states).

The consequences of a traffic case may vary based on your age, blood alcohol content (BAC), or if you have been arrested for DWI or DUI in the past, and if you have caused personal injury or death.

Hiring a Fairfax VA traffic court lawyer is a personal choice. You need to consider several factors before you hire a traffic lawyer.

What a Fairfax VA Traffic Court Lawyer Does?

Generally, a traffic court lawyer looks at the different consequences for every client and identifies how to reduce the damages to the life of the client. More often than not, an attorney will evaluate your situation and determine if you can be offered probation or you may be facing minimal penalties.

In such situations, you may think that the consequences are just minor so you don’t need to hire a lawyer. But you need to take note that every traffic charge is unique, and it is crucial to be certain that your case will not result to long term consequences. Hiring a traffic court lawyer makes sense.

A Fairfax VA Traffic Court Lawyer Will Evaluate Your Case

Because of the different circumstances in each DUI/DWI case, and to the peculiarities of the law in Virginia, the possible consequences of a DUI might depend on several factors. An experienced attorney could help you understand the possible jail time or fines that you need to pay if your case goes to the court.

A private DUI lawyer often knows the process including the subtle options that a public defender may not provide you. Also, many lawyers can provide a free consultation. This is worthwhile if you don’t fully understand the process, and will save you money if your case doesn’t need an attorney.

The consequences of a traffic offense may vary, depending on several factors, and a Fairfax VA traffic court lawyer can explain the consequences to you. For instance, you may need to face a heavier punishment if your BAC exceeds .08%. Meanwhile, there are certain laws for minor offenders arrested for DUI.

A traffic court lawyer will also tell you if you are eligible for possible plea bargaining or community service, guide you on the overlapping court jurisdictions in the process or revoking your license, and help you with contingent license programs that will let you use your car to get to work.

Furthermore, dealing with the motor vehicle department in Virginia could be time consuming. A traffic lawyer could make the process easier by completing the needed forms, making important phone calls, and representing at a suspension hearing.

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