Finding the Best Personal Injury Fairfax VA Lawyer

If another person’s willful misconduct or neglect resulted to your injury, your best recourse is to seek legal advice from a Fairfax VA lawyer who specializes in the state’s personal injury law.

Based on a US Department of Justice report, in 2005, personal injury trials made up over half of all contract, real property, and tort cases in the entire country. The figure has continued to rise over the years. When searching for the right lawyer to represent you, consider the following traits to make sure that your case is handled well, and in a professional manner.

Experience in the Field

Obviously, your prospective Fairfax VA lawyer must be experienced in Virginia’s personal injury law. Ask how many years he has been in practice in the field, and the number of cases he has handled and won. While experience is an ideal quality, a successful track record is a good way to showcase one’s effectiveness in coming up with the desired results.

Having Their Own Investigative Team

Having their own group of investigators is a big advantage to any law firm. The team of investigators can be particularly helpful in the area of information gathering about the cases they handle. This is vital in building solid and strong claims.

Ability to Be Versatile

The Fairfax VA lawyer to represent you must be versatile enough to deal with all the parties involved in your case including physicians, medical staff, other lawyers, and employers. The ideal lawyer exudes a professional, honest, and amiable demeanor. Look for this trait during your initial meeting with each of your prospective lawyers. You can also inquire from their previous clients.

No Ambulance Chasing

Some lawyers can be very unscrupulous. They will guarantee to get you the compensation you deserve, but will only leave you hanging in the end. They are only out to profit from a quick turnover. If they see that your case needs more involvement from their end, and it will take a lot of work and some time to settle, you will most probably be the least of their priorities. Hire them at your own risk, that is, if you are willing to make a few bucks out of a quick settlement.

Contingency Fee Basis Payment Method

A reputable Fairfax VA lawyer specializing in personal injury would be amenable to this payment scheme, though it is not necessary to put everything in black and white. Simply put, this method means that your lawyer will only be paid once you get the money due to you. This way, you don’t have to put money up front for your lawyer as it will directly come from the settlement check you will receive. It is therefore important that you clear this up with your lawyer before signing up.

If you need to file a personal injury claim, immediately find a lawyer. An experienced personal injury lawyer will make sure that the evidence is intact, your rights are protected, and all filing deadlines are strictly complied with. Don’t talk to insurance agents or speak about your case without a Fairfax VA lawyer from Bolger Law Firm beside you, as this could have a bearing in your damage recovery attempts.