Why You Need DUI Lawyers in Fairfax County Virginia

Being charged for driving under the influence of alcohol can be very stressful, especially in Virginia; thus, you need immediate help from one of the experienced DUI lawyers in Fairfax County Virginia. The sooner you get in touch with one, the better. For one, the stakes can be quite high.

In the state of Virginia, DUI cases are resolved very fast. Before you know it, you may find yourself in a lot of trouble even before you sober up. Consider this. You feel that even after downing a six-pack, you are still in great physical and mental shape to drive. You get in your car and start to drive home. You are sure you are driving safely and well within the speed limit. The police, however, do not think so. Suddenly, you find yourself on one side of the fence – with people holding positions of trust like the police, prosecutors, and other law enforcers on the other side.

DUI lawyers in Fairfax County Virginia will be the first to tell you that, unlike in other states, DUI law in Virginia can be very complicated. In fact, the Virginia Code has no less than 40 pages devoted to this particular law alone. In contrast, the law that criminalizes murder consists of one single sentence!

The Supreme Court of Virginia regularly considers new DUI defenses in their legislation. In one year alone, specifically in 2005, more than 14 written opinions were issued by the federal and state courts of Virginia just to explain and interpret provisions pertaining to the Virginia DUI laws. To say that the law frequently changes may be a gross understatement. While there are frequent changes to the DUI law, it was only in 2009, or after a decade or so, when the device used for breath tests was replaced by a newer version.

The DUI law in Virginia undergoes constant changes simply because DUI cases in the state are among the most difficult and complicated cases to prosecute and defend for DUI lawyers in Fairfax County Virginia. Among other things, the cases involve statutory construction and constitutional issues, and factual and scientific issues as well.

So, when you are charged with DUI in Fairfax County, you should immediately contact a lawyer. While you can find a lot of resources and free legal advice on various law firm websites, you cannot simply rely on them to bail you out. For one, each particular DUI case is unique, depending on the facts of the case.

You will never find a website that can teach you how you can get off scot-free once you are charged with a DUI in the future. After all, the only sure and guaranteed way that you can avoid a DUI conviction is not to drink and then drive.

So, never attempt to get behind the wheel if you can’t keep yourself from drinking. A single bottle of beer is what it may take to change your life forever. As you may very well know by now, Virginia DUI laws are quite strict. Convictions come with a high price – severe punishments. You will agree that it is simply not worth it; but when it does happen, remember that you always have experienced DUI lawyers in Fairfax County Virginia from Bolger Law Firm to help you face the charges.