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Bankruptcy law in Virginia is a very big subject.

Virginia bankruptcy code provides options for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy . . . there are strategic ways to file bankruptcy for an individual person, and other strategies for a business to file bankruptcy . . . and in Virginia, bankruptcy proceedings may last for a few months, or a few years.

It doesn’t matter what circumstances lead a person or business in the Commonwealth of Virginia to decide to explore bankruptcy as an option. What does matter is the fact that it takes a bankruptcy lawyer with decades of experience in all these practice areas to help people file successfully for bankruptcy in Virginia, providing them with thoughtful, knowledgeable, customized, genuinely expert legal help that lets our clients emerge from their bankruptcy case with some debt relief from creditors, a greater sense of well-being, and the sort of self-dignity they deserve.

No one likes bankruptcy. But it exists as a mode of debt relief agency and as a valid legal recourse for good reason. Everyone deserves a chance to earn a fresh start.

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From our law offices in the city of Fairfax VA, The Bolger Law firm handles individual and business bankruptcy cases throughout Virginia – from Virginia Beach VA and Norfolk VA in Hampton Roads, to Fredericksburg and Richmond VA, to Northern Virginia and the entire Greater DC area.

Throughout more than 30 years in practice, the attorney/client relationship has been of utmost importance to The Bolger Law Firm. Coveting and protecting our relationships with clients means more than good business and excellent customer service – it’s an imperative dictated by the ethical standards of the profession of Virginia bankruptcy attorneys.

Exceeding these standards has placed Richard Bolger among the “Legal Elite” according to Virginia Business every year since 2010. That’s also why our bankruptcy lawyers earn 5-star reviews on Google and Martindale Hubbell.

Richard Bolger is a licensed practicing attorney in good standing within the jurisdictions of Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. He is a member of the Northern Virginia Bankruptcy Bar Association and the Maryland Bankruptcy Bar Association.

Please be advised that none of the content on this website is intended to be construed as legal advice. Consult with a professional debt relief agency for debt relief remedies from creditors that avoid potentially costly legal proceedings.

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There are good reasons why so many people – previous bankruptcy clients – say they’d definitely recommend us as bankruptcy attorneys. It’s more than lawyers whose expertise brings real debt relief, or the strength to protect against creditor harassment, or the experience to deftly navigate the course through bankruptcy court and land our client in a safe financial harbor.

People would definitely recommend us as a top Virginia bankruptcy lawyer because we offer everyone the chance at security, hope, and the best bankruptcy results through compassionate, dedicated legal counsel. That’s the singular quality that makes a lawyer a good lawyer – and that’s exactly the kind of bankruptcy lawyers you’ll find at The Bolger Law Firm.

We help people file for bankruptcy because we’re dedicated to helping people.

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Bankruptcy relief isn’t always the right solution for everyone, and it’s never a first resort. However, when creditors are hounding, credit card debt is mounting, and realistic chances to extricate yourself or your business from the heaping debt are dwindling, that’s precisely why people file for bankruptcy and why United States and Virginia bankruptcy code – particularly Chapter 7 – was written.

And that’s precisely when you should reach out to Richard Bolger, acclaimed bankruptcy attorney of The Bolger Law Firm.

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