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Get a fresh start. Clear that debt. Renew your future. The bankruptcy lawyer team at The Bolger Law Firm of Fairfax VA is here to help with financial crisis.

We’re bankruptcy lawyers in Fairfax VA. We review the circumstances of your bankruptcy case, taking the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 into account, and determine whether bankruptcy is the right option – plus the likelihood of court-ordered debt relief.

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Established 1987, The Bolger Law Firm of Fairfax VA brings over 30 years as a bankruptcy attorney practicing before Virginia and United States bankruptcy courts.

Whether Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, filing for bankruptcy petition isn’t easy. Different types of bankruptcy mean a different bankruptcy process, meaning any bankruptcy lawyer in Fairfax County must be well-versed in all related practice areas of VA bankruptcy law.

Nearly one million Americans petition for debt discharge every year – more in bad economic times. Every bankruptcy case carries unique concerns. Call 703-383-9595 for a free consultation with The Bolger Law Firm, bankruptcy attorneys and debt relief agency in Fairfax VA; let our experience help your case.

An Elite Bankruptcy Lawyer For Fairfax VA and Alexandria VA

Richard Bolger is a perennial selection to the Virginia Legal Elite, according to annual surveys by Virginia Business Magazine of lawyers in every zip code throughout the state.

Stop Creditor Harassment

Emails, text messages, letters in the mail, phone calls at all hours. When creditors are harassing, stop it quick by saying, “I’ve retained a bankruptcy attorney and I may file for bankruptcy debt relief under state law.”

In VA, bankruptcy code immediately invokes an automatic stay against creditors once you file for bankruptcy. It filters out contact about foreclosure, wage garnishment, repossession, or certain lawsuits or collections. Exemptions exist, but for many people in dire financial circumstances of bankruptcy due to loss of income, credit card debt, real estate foreclosure, or personal injury, the automatic stay is a crucial benefit.

Let the Fairfax County bankruptcy lawyers at Bolger Law handle your VA bankruptcy case. Call 703-383-9595 for a free consultation and filing fees estimate.

Common Types of Bankruptcy Law

As bankruptcy lawyers in Fairfax VA, we determine eligibility for debt relief by reviewing financial documentation and applicable Virginia bankruptcy law:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Liquidation. Bankruptcy filing for people who don’t own much property or other assets. Usually, nothing is liquidated since certain assets are protected in bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the least complicated form of debt relief, and can be completed in a few months.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Payment Plan. Bankruptcy for people with equity in homes or other property that cannot be protected in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, petitioners are assigned monthly payments, typically for three to five years, to pay down debts.

No two bankruptcies are alike. To file for bankruptcy debt relief in Fairfax County VA, you need a bankruptcy lawyer knowledgeable in all related practice areas of VA bankruptcy law, providing top legal advice. But more than that, you need Fairfax VA bankruptcy lawyers with compassion to work aggressively on your bankruptcy case – and dedication to the Fairfax VA community.

Who Needs An Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer?

There are nearly infinite situations where a bankruptcy attorney can help. Some more notable bankruptcy cases Bolger Law has helped people in Virginia take control of debt and get a fresh start:

  • Adult children whose parents will never pay off credit card debt.
  • Small business struggling with the lease and overhead.
  • Separated or divorced spouse with new alimony or child support cost obligations.
  • Investor underwater in real estate debt.
  • People served lawsuits for non-payment of debt.
  • Someone drowning in student loan debt.
  • People living on fixed, insufficient income.
  • Homeowners stuck with unsellable home, threatening retirement plans.
  • A woman can’t get ahead on debt payments and despairs of being able to retire.
  • A man owes thousands after foreclosure short sale doesn’t cover the cost of the mortgage.

Bankruptcy Attorneys For Fairfax VA, Alexandria VA, Washington DC, The State of Virginia, And More

Richard Bolger is a licensed practicing attorney (bankruptcy, real estate, personal injury, family law, and more practice area specialties) in Washington DC, the state of Maryland, Alexandria VA, Fairfax VA 22030, and every zip code in the state of Virginia. As a preeminent Fairfax VA bankruptcy attorney, Mr. Bolger handles Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 cases under Virginia and United States bankruptcy code.

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